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Eleni Anastasiadi, is the creative director and founder of the brand. Eleni was born and raised in Athens. She spends her summers in Patmos island which is the source of her inspiration in any collection.


“I’m a summer type of person and when I create I have on my mind the dark blue color of Aegean Sea, the white rooftops and the sunset, sitting on my terrace in Patmos. 

Tranquillity and inspiration...all I need.“


In our collections we use linen & cotton fabrics, silk, velvet & Greek embroideries. Our unique espadrilles, which are the must have item on summer days, are influenced by the Greek culture. Clean lines and minimalism are the words who describe our brand. Our philosophy is the combination of simplicity and the unaffected elegance!


All products have been designed and manufactured in Greece.

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